Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

15 07 2010

One of my favorite songs is from Monty Python’s Spamalot. The finale of this broadway show ended with their famous song, “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.” The play consisted of silly, crazy events that took place to a group of people searching for a treasure. Although it was a comedy I saw a great life lesson in the play. That no matter what happens in life there is always a bright side to it. Blessings are everywhere.

One of my favorite examples of this is when I was done with a meeting in NYC, got to my car and it simply did not turn on. After hours of waiting and two mechanics coming by, they realized that there was a problem with the gears. The next day I got it to the mechanic and told them to put the emergency break on to avoid the car from crashing. As I went in to the office to sign the paper work I heard a crash. The owner of the service center and I ran out to see what happened. My car was stuck in the middle of their garage door and the outside. The car was totally wrecked. Everyone was going crazy, screaming, running around and unsure what to do. I stood there quietly and smiling. A man came over to me and in shock asked me if that was my car. I said yes. He asked me, “why are you the only one that is so calm?” I told him that I trusted everything would be alright.

After assessing the damage the owner came back to me and told me that not only will he fix the damage they did but will also fix the gear problem free of charge. I got a rental car to hold me over till the work was done and was on my way.

The blessings continued. I was in the process of moving to CA during the car drama and was trying to figure out where to leave my car till I returned from CA a few months later. It turned out that since they were still not done with fixing the car they were happy to hold the car for me for the months I would be away. The perceived tragedy turned out to be the biggest blessing. My car was as good as new, was safely kept for me inside a garage, free of the outdoor elements, was fixed as good as new and all free of charge.
I believe you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it. If you can take what you look at as a challenge and see the blessings out of it, that’s what will show up for you.




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15 07 2010

As always I just love your inspiring storytelling – and so true!

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