Combining Nature and Dance?

5 04 2010

dancing in nature

I have always been fascinated by nature. If I had a choice as a child of going to an amusement park or a national park I would always pick the national park. I was awed by the force that nature provided, the stillness and beauty put me in a trance that I could not define in words. It was something I needed to experience over and over again.  Nature is where I found my center, my inner peace and my power. Without understanding it, I connected to nature on a deep meditative level.

As a dancer, I have always wanted to find a way to combine the power I felt in nature and the beauty and art of dance. I began by creating various you tubes playing with this theme which you can view by visiting my channel at ““. I wanted to share the healing power of movement and the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors. The deeper into the wild, the crazier I wanted to move.

I am just about to release my first book entitled The Power Within Me, subtitled From Victim To Warrior. The book recounts how I awakened to a new way of looking at the challenges I experienced, creating a tremendous healing for myself and those around me. I invite the reader to begin to look at their challenges in a new way as well. Dancing and nature have both been tools I have used to guide me into healing.

Today I experienced my first earthquake. It originated in Baja California in the country of Mexico. It measured at 6.9. I felt it all the way in Orange County California about 2 hours of a drive away. I stood against the wall as I felt the earth beneath me sway. The whole apartment swayed . It was the most surreal experience I ever had. I could not help but think what if the building collapses? What can I do to protect myself? I realized that when nature wants to do something, it’ll do it. The intensity of the experience also had a stillness I could not understand. Everything around us seemed still as the graceful moves of the earth below us swayed beneath my feet.

I felt the power of nature in many other ways in the past. The wrath of a snowstorm always seems to bring along with it a quietness so deep, that when tuned into it you can’t help but smile. Clouds seem to open up with great ease spilling out water, hail, snow or anything it pleases. There are no questions with nature. Trees give in to the wind or rain without a fight. Animals feel the earth’s rhythm on such a deep level that when the Tsunami hit in 2002, not even one animal seemed to die. They all knew to go to higher ground.

Can we learn from nature? When I dance, I try to pick an aspect of nature to connect to. How would it move? How still is it? Can I surrender to the forces around me? Does it serve me? Looking at a blade of grass, the ease of how it grows, surrendering to the wind, the smell it shares. Is there anything more perfect? There’s no judgement on the blade? It’s perfect as it is.

I love to move without judgement. No worry about what picture I’m making, how long my line, how big my jump or how many turns I make. I move to my inner rhythm. By dancing that way, it remains healing, something I can share with the world.

As a bridge, a teacher and inspirational speaker, I love to invite those unaware of the power of movement to bring dance into their life as a form of healing. I use aspects of nature to guide them into their movement, showing them how everyone can dance. What I have found has been breathless. Senior citizens have come up to me after a session thanking me for the healing they experienced. They have shared that years of pain seem to vanish during the time spent in the meditative movement I guided them through. The awe inspiring power of dance, combined with nature has been so exciting for me that I continue to delve into better understanding how to combine the two forces. I invite you to now find ways to combine the beauty of dance and the power of nature into your life.




3 responses

5 04 2010
Stefan Bodle

Great post Esther! You do a really good job conveying your emotions. It’s always nice to read your posts because you seem very sincere. Most of the networkers I’ve come across seem much more agenda driven and sales oriented. You stand out as a non vulture! 😉

7 04 2010
Glen Depke

Great job Esther!

Keep the passion moving through your words….

10 04 2010

You are absolutely right Stephan! Esther does an excellent job of conveying her emotions and sharing her light with us. There is no other agenda, and this is how the energy of love and all that it brings can flow through us all.

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